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Overview of the Ministry of Education

The MoE is New Zealand's main state education organization.
Originally there was a huge state department covering all aspects of educations, aptly named The Department of Education. This DoE was disbanded in 1989 and converted into more specialized organizations.
The Ministry of Education does not teach per say but tries to set education standards in New Zealand as well as develop and expand policies.
The ministry offers many services to education providers, parents and the government.
They offer a wide range of services as well as information. Some of areas are listed below;
Help for Education Organization
They get involved with education organizations to help ensure they are following the teaching guidelines and policies.
They also provide support to these organizations to make sure they have all the information they need to provide a quality teaching experience to their students.
Helping Parents
They also do a great job helping parents directly.
They help the parents make the right decision regarding which education organization is right for them and showing them all their options to help them make an informed decision when it comes to educating their child.
Researching Education
They also are very much involved with researching the current and future state of education systems in New Zealand. They can use this research to better help them make the right policy decisions and other aspects of education leadership.
Developing Policies
Another responsibility of the ministry is to develop policies for the education systems in New Zealand. The aim of these policies is to help raise the standards of education.
Resources for Teachers
They also provide an immense offline and online research resource for teachers. The teachers can refer to this information resource to ensure they are following the correct standards of education, ways to determining their progress as a teacher and learning about how they can further themselves by taking part in advanced scholarships.
Providing Help for Students
They also help students directly especially for students with special learning needs. This can be a great help to the student who is having problems keeping up or following a particular education program.
As well as the areas listed above they also offer a number of useful resources online including a directory listing of early childhood education and childcare providers.

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